Codeg Dalek

Apr 1, 2021

In 1965 Marx toys produced a battery operated toy Dalek standing 5 inches tall and costing 10 Shillings. These days they sell for £££s. The British (???) firm Cowan de Groot also known as Codeg released tinplate clockwork Daleks in 1965. Slightly larger at 6 inches tall in my opinion they were superior to the Marx Daleks. Available in blue or black, the black ones sell for twice the price of the blue ones today.

I received a Codeg Dalek (costing the princely sum of 16s 5d) amongst other things like Annuals and selection boxes, for Xmas 1965. Alas the cardboard box it was packed in most likely wouldn’t have survived until 1966. We lived in the moment when young and couldn’t imagine I would be talking about a toy 55 years later. I’m talking about the toy because I still own it 55 years later!!! There wasn’t an awful lot you could do with it once you’d wound it up a few times and watched it spin round on the table (it wasn’t great on carpets).

So by the new year the Dalek was in a cupboard. Circa 1970 I rescued it from my brother’s clutches and stood it on a shelf. It has stood on various shelves in various houses for the last 50 years.

It seems that the original key was mislaid at some point and there is a Triang key sticking out the side which does fit and winds the clockwork up. If the Dalek was boxed and still complete with all protrusions then according to the Interweb it could sell for £800. So mine, with bits missing, would probably fetch £20 if I was very lucky. But it’s been on that shelf this far. It can stay right where it is alongside the Aurora Frankenstein’s monster and Corgi Batmobile which (not counting the Merit Magic Robot board game !?!) are possibly the only toys still in my posession after 50 years of ownership.