Sep 1, 2022

“Friends”, soon to change its title to the hipper “Frendz” was an underground magazine/newspaper along the lines of OZ and IT. Dunno why the cover says “The end of the Bonzo Dog”. “The end of the Bonzo Dog Band”, or “The end of the Bonzos” would have made more sense.

And if the cover wording isn’t bad enough why on earth is the title of the article “Britain’s zaniest pervert”?? Zany yes, mad perhaps, an alcoholic certainly and often very very funny. Vivian was a lot of things but I’ve never heard him being called a pervert before.

As this blog is titled after a UK 50s/60s/70s board game, The Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band named themselves after the cartoon dog from the 1920s that appeared in newspapers, books, film and numerous postcards prior to WW2.

If you wish to read the full interview with Viv it’s right here.