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“Five years. That’s all we’ve got. Five years. It’s not a lot” sang David Bowie 40 (!?!) years ago. Actually five years is a very long time. In Internet years it is an eon. The Internet in a form we would recognise only began around 20 years ago so five years is a quarter of the Internet’s existance. When I began blogging in 2007, despite having had an internet connection for 10 years by then, there were still loads of subjects that interested me but returned a blank when typed into a search engine. That doesn’t happen now. Since YouTube began (which was as recently as 2005) much has changed. Even an obscure record like the Appletree Theatre LP which I mentioned in 2008 as being totally forgotten and invisible on the Internet is now just a click away on YouTube. Not forgetting the ever expanding Wikipedia and millions of specialist sites covering every subject you care to mention there’s now no point me adding my tuppenceworth about anything much really. I don’t know if this situation of free music/tv/video will continue or if Google will be forced into deleting all the masses of stuff that shouldn’t legally be there. Already the Cyber Lockers like Rapidshare are being closely monitored. ISPs may be forced by governments to filter material being viewed and/or downloaded be it pornography or mp3 files. In the next five years the Internet will look very different to how it looks now as big-business continues its’ stranglehold. (Hopefully at least the novelty of Facebook will have worn off by then…though no doubt there’s something far worse just around the corner). It will be interesting to see if this blog will still be accessible by then. I doubt if any of the links to my current sound files, however innocuous they may be, will still be working. I’ve already had a DMCA takedown notice for a small 1960s offshore radio recording so it doesn’t bode well for the future.


Many links are currently still working but after a decade I’ve decided I won’t be adding much more content. Eventually the site can become a digital Mary Celeste floating around the Interweb unmanned and abandoned. If anyone wants me I’ll be in the shed.

Take care.