Although at first glance it may seem as pointlessly retro as copying an mp3 file onto a C90 cassette tape there are a number of good reasons why it could be useful to convert a WordPress or Blogger Blog into a book.

You get a reasonably presentable copy of your peerless prose.
You can hand out copies as cheap Xmas presents.
Granny prefers reading books to looking at Monitor screens (….thats if your Blog is Granny-compatible).
You’ll be able to read it by candlelight when the country finally runs out of electricity.

Amazingly it took less than 5 minutes to produce a 800+ page pdf version of this Blog. Ideally it could do with a little bit of tidying to reduce the white spaces between pictures. Ideally it could do with more interesting content !!! But even so this looks like an ideal way to produce a cost-effective/free version of that “Family Tree” book I’m still working on. Or even one of those novels lurking in the back of my mind………