Well, up to the autumn of 1963 anyway. In the 1964 Elvis Annual (published by World Distributors) the author devotes nine pages to his own publishing achievements so far, along with details of his home town.

He even includes photos of his first end-terrace house and his current bungalow (which he had named “Graceland”) as well as his Record shop. If that article doesn’t deserve a place in my “Odd Stuff” folder, I don’t know what does.


The Elvis Monthly story

Meet Elvis

Aug 1, 2018

Elvis had/has millions of fans. One of his biggest fans was a slightly built Englishman from Derbyshire. Albert Hand ran the Elvis Fan Club, the Elvis Monthly magazine and the hardback “Elvis Special” (what we in the UK would more usually call an “Annual”) along with numerous other Pop periodicals through the 1960s until his untimely death in 1972. In 1962 Albert and his wife made the trip to the States to meet Elvis. Once back in the UK he lost no time in producing a magazine about his hero. It was a quality publication with some unique photos, lots of info, and a list of the 183 (?!?) songs Elvis had recorded up to that point.

Meet Elvis

Here is Albert’s shop with his car and local band Dave Kaye and the Dykons parked outside.

For many years afterwards UK Elvis fans would make the pilgrimage to Albert’s record shop to shake the hand of the man who had shook Elvis’ hand.

PS: I wonder what books Albert was presenting to Elvis? Had his first Elvis Special/Annual already been published?

PPS: Hard to believe, but in the 1960s there was no dedicated Elvis monthly magazine in his own country. Yes, he featured regularly in all the pop magazines, movie magazines and of course fanzines there but the most rabid of Elvis fans in the States would subscribe to Albert’s UK Elvis Monthly for wall-to-wall Elvis.

PS: Eventually, ill health led to Albert passing on the Elvis Fan Club UK to Todd Slaughter who, despite his own health issues, is still running it 50 years later. This review of the last 50 years by Todd is interesting. http://www.elvispresleyfanclub.co.uk/news.php

Pop weekly

Aug 1, 2018

Pop wekly No 4 18th September 1965

Another of Albert Hand’s numerous projects (along with “TeenBeat” and the super-rare “The Mod’s Monthly”) “Pop Weekly” was available through the first half of the 1960s. There were Annuals too! This issue from September 1965 features JK. “Everyone’s gone to the moon” was released in July and was a hit in August. Kenneth’s pseudonym is spelled wrong throughout!!!



Pop Weekly No 4 18th September 1965

Nothing new

Nov 9, 2010

Music magazines like “Uncut” and “Mojo” still put a “free” music CD on the cover each month. I wonder how much more/how little time will have to elapse before that becomes seen as a quaint thing to have done ? Before CDs were available the pop newspapers “Melody Maker” and “New Musical Express” sometimes gave away cassettes or those flimsy flexidiscs. (And of course Flexipop magazine was huge in the 1980s). Just to prove nothing is new, it seems the concept was tried in the early 1960s with “free” singles with (quite expensive for the time) issues of the short-lived “Give-a-Disc” magazine.

Although I can’t say I’m familiar with “Give-a-Disc” magazine I am familiar with the name Albert Hand. He was a neighbour (and contemporary) of my mothers. He was also a massive Elvis fan running the UK branch of the Elvis fan club and producing “Elvis Monthly” throughout the 1960s from his printing works cum record shop in Derbyshire. He also found time to edit “Teenbeat Annual” amongst others. Alas Albert died in 1972 at the relatively young age of 45.

Albert also produced various other publications. Many were exclusively related to Elvis (who he met) and are probably quite collectable now. He was also responsible for a number of magazines related to pop music in general with titles like “Pop Ten” monthly magazine which was launched in 1962 and swiftly turned into “Pop Weekly” magazine which although it ran from August 1962 until at least 1966 is now almost completely forgotten. (I don’t even have many copies myself. I saw them in the local newsagents but my money was then reserved for Fantastic Four comics….) The similar mid 1960s pop monthly “Teenbeat” came from this same source. It may have been a cottage industry but they were certainly busy. Although these magazines were printed on glossy paper they were usually a small 7″ x 10″ or that digest size of 5″ x 7″ like his “Elvis Monthly” magazine. Magazines specialising in The Monkees and The Beatles would shortly appear from other companies in a similar format.

Oh how we take the Internet for granted as a source of information. In 1962 you had to write in to Albert to find out info regarding which records were still available !! (No doubt you received a reply offering to supply you with the single you were seeking !)

Better known are the “Pop Weekly Annual” and “Pop Ten Teenbeat Annual” edited by Albert Hand. Available in the usual hardback format and published by World Distributors through most of the 1960s they are familiar to many people who were teenagers in that decade. (Incidentally this “Teenbeat” was prior to and bears no relation to the “Teen Beat” magazine published in the USA from 1976 onwards).