Battle Cry

May 16, 2010

Here is another mouldy old UK comic from the late 1950s. I have a price guide which dates this as being published in 1953 which is obviously wrong/a misprint. It must be 1957 or later although I can’t date it precisely. It doesn’t even have a number let alone a date !! 68 page squarebound comics containing black and white reprints from American 36 page colour comics were a popular format here for many years. Miller, Thorpe and Porter/Strato and Alan Class are the most well-known but there were other, smaller companies that dabbled with the format. Such as Streamline Comics. This particular comic was one of two unnumbered issues bearing the title “Battle Cry” published (circa 1958 ??). Streamline issued other similar unnumbered war and western comics around that time.

“Battle Cry” reprints relelatively obscure (yet quite well written and drawn) material from the Key Publications/Stanmor (1951-1955) USA title of the same name (No 20 from September 1955…which was the final issue). The rest of the comic contains a strange assortment. There is a Black Rider western from Marvel, a Robin Hood and his Merry Men from a 1957 Charlton comic and a strange 5 page SF story entitled “Brain Power” (here as a pdf file ) which I believe may well have originated in a Harvey (3D) comic in the mid 1950s.

Confusingly the back cover of this UK “Battle Cry” comic is an exact copy of the front cover of No 8 of one of Key/Stanmor’s companion war comics entitled “Battle Attack”.