Boys’ World

Feb 23, 2010

This UK comic (actually more of a “boys paper” than a comic) ran for 89 weekly issues in 1963/1964. I recall purchasing No 1 with its then-exotic free gift of a “wristwatch” compass. I proudly wore this for weeks, and if anyone asked me the time I could say “north east” !!

Eventually Boys’ World combined with the similar-looking but much more popular “Eagle”. There was a lot of “combining” poorer selling comics with another title in the 1960s as it was a sure-fire way to keep the majority of the readers. As so many comics were delivered by the local newsagent along with your parents’ newspapers you just found a different title in your letter box which the publishers (and newsagent) hoped you would continue with.

PS: The “Pike Mason” strip featured the unmistakeable art of Luis Bermejo (later to be seen in Warren Magazines). “Wrath of the Gods” was apparently NOT written by Mike Moorcock as is often claimed.

PPS: One other free gift in a 1960s comic I recall was a cardboard “Guy Fawkes mask” (in “Buster ” I think) with elastic bands to hook around your ears to hold it on. I always thought that it was this free gift that gave Alan Moore his idea for “V for Vendetta”.