May 1, 2013

So what was inside this tin unopened for the last 40 years I’m sure you’re asking? A bit of a disappointment really. Just some random stuff, mostly Football cards along with a few older cigarette cards.







I’m surprised Jim Baxter only scored 3 goals “last season”. I thought he was more prolific than that. The drinking finally got him but in his younger days he was famous for drinking to the point of unconsciousness the night before a game and yet still managing to play well. Incidentally his Biography is a fascinating read.




Of course everyone knows there are different breeds of sheep and cows. But I thought a chicken was a chicken. So I’m surprised that there are at least 50 different breeds of poultry in the UK alone not counting Foghorn Leghorn!


Here are some “proper” cigarette cards most probably rescued from my Grandfather’s shed. At some point they began putting adhesive to the backs of these cards. I have a number of “sets” again donated by my Grandfather. Alas they were stacked together with an elastic band round them. The combination of the cards stacked together along with a sometimes hot sometimes damp shed have turned sets of 50 cards to solid cardboard lumps.



Somportex? Looks like the Nadja card has seen better days. Cards from this first (1964) set of “James Bond” cards sell for £10 each in decent condition. I didn’t manage to complete the set before the corner shop had moved on to “Danger Man” cards. There were 72 of these…again still Black and white (as was my TV and my world then!). After that I believe came the famous first series of “Thunderbirds”. Again still in black and white and I did complete the set of those. And at the bottom of the tin some stamps.