Cosmic or Cozmic??

Sep 1, 2013

There were at least 6 issues of Cozmic Comix published by H.Bunch Associates in the mid 1970s. One of the bunch was a certain Felix Dennis. When he first began making money-for-old-rope with Kung Fu Magazine surely he never dreamt that now he would be a poet, a forest owner and, of course, a multi millionaire.


The drugs must have been good in 1974. I’m sure the first five issues were titled “Cozmic” with a zed/zee (emphasizing the “oz”…). It’s not often you see the TITLE of a magazine spelled wrongly !! The bottom of the inside cover claimed it should be spelled with a zed too. Also, shouldn’t it really say NUMBER 6 rather than VOL 6? I thought “volume” referred to a years-worth of magazines? Guess now I’m just being picky…..