The Final Issue

Aug 23, 2010

I was beginning to think Overstreet was over. I’m sure in previous years the famous Comic Price Guide was released in May. The 40th edition didn’t appear until August. It seems that I’ve purchased every price guide since the 4th one. This will be the final one I bother with. It’s a perfect example of how the Internet has now completely occupied the ground once held by books and magazines.

I was sad (but not surprised) to see the final issue of “Crikey”. Perhaps they may return with some form of on-line version at:-

Numerous special interest magazines can no longer generate enough readers to remain viable. I wonder how many hundreds (or thousands ??) of magazines and comics I’ve seen reach their final issue. In the case of comics, sometimes there would be an announcement. Sometimes they would disappear overnight mid-story arc.

I have already given up buying CDs. My magazine habit has declined to “The Spectator” and “Back Issue”. Books are next on my “to stop” list. In fact there is still one more book I am awaiting delivery of…actually more of a luxury than a book…the Taschen edition of 75 years of DC….which has a recommended price of £135 !!


Nov 4, 2008

Blimey! The last thing I expected to see back on the newsagent’s shelves in November 2008 was new UK versions of the classic “Classics Illustrated” comics.




Crikey! Of course you have to go to a “proper” comic shop to find this magazine. The editors have been busy in the “Crikey” shed but still you never know when the next issue will appear. Its not even listed in “Previews”. Therefore comic book fans in the States will find it difficult to locate this magazine all about the numerous bonkers UK comics of the past unless they subscribe. . 


And you’ll only see this comic if you happen to be in France or Belgium. “Le Max de BD” refers to “bandes dessinee” (drawn strips) which is French shorthand for “comics”.


There are many more French/Belgian comic book characters besides the few like TinTin, Lucky Luke, The Smurfs and Asterix who have already successfully crossed the English Channel. Although this is only issue No 2 Lanfeust himself has been around for a number of years. A fantasy set on the planet Troy where most of the inhabitants have magical powers it is full of humour and adventure. (Troy is the third planet orbiting the sun in its solar system..hence the “pun” of Troy/trois/three.) The art is quite good too.



May 29, 2008

I’m sure you can order this magazine from  .