May 19, 2010

Some albums improve with the passing of the years. Here is another old LP  that, attracted by the cover, I’ve recently dragged out and am enjoying once more.

“Ptooff” was the first album by The Deviants and recorded and released on a small independent record label in 1967 . The LP was re-issued on Decca in 1969. It was in the bargain bins by 1970 which is where I first came across it !! The Deviants were catagorised as anti-establishment “hippies” though they were more like prototype punks moving in similar circles to those wacky Pink Fairies and Hawkwind people. Mick Farren was involved in the Deviants and would go on to be involved in other media such as underground comix, pop newspapers and novels and stuff.

I’ve put together a few seconds of each of the 8 tracks on the LP here. It may encourage someone to get the CD.