Nov 17, 2009

I’m finally getting around to watching this DVD. A cult film based on the Italian fumetto (comicbook) it was made in 1967 and received limited showings in the UK around 1968. At the time I suppose it was quite a novelty that the hero was actually a villain.

Diabolik was a leather-suited, athletic master criminal and, as played by John Phillip Law, a rather intense character with a haunted look. At first it was just the authorities who persued him. Once other criminals decided to deal with him (for upsetting the status quo) his days were numbered. Until then he enjoyed a fab “hideout” cavern that was like something out of a James Bond film. He drove a black E Type Jaguar and his gorgeous girlfriend Eva drove a matching white one.

diabolik and eva

PS: The audio soundtrack with sounds like this (which doesn’t seem to be currently available) was an early work of Ennio Morricone who would later be involved in the music for spaghetti westerns like “The good,the bad and the ugly” and many many more films in Italy and the USA.