Dinky toys

Aug 1, 2020

A year or so back I made the big mistake of subscribing to the De Agostini Dinky Toys Collection partwork magazine. Along with the flimsy magazine you get a rubbish model car supposedly a copy of the 1950s original. These models are made in France and feature mostly french cars painted in garish colours and devoid of windows or any moving parts other than the wheels. How I wish I hadn’t bothered. Some models are so poor I chuck them in the bin as soon as the postman delivers them.

Recently I was disposing of a stack of 1950s Meccano magazines. I noticed that each back page had an advert for that months latest Dinky toy. These models looked far more interesting than the ones accompanying the monthly magazines. It seems the 948cc Triumph Herald saloon model was launched at the same time if not a few weeks before the full size car was (April 22nd 1959).