More Logic

Jun 8, 2010

I found a copy of issue No 3 at Knockabout Comics in London. Of course I should have thought of them in the first place as they actually publish the thing. I must make another visit to the “Dodgem Logic” website to see if  subscriptions are available yet. Number 4 is supposed to be out soon.

It is a good almost advert-free read for £3.50. I am pleased that magazines like this are still available in the UK in 2010. Oh and there’s a free gift of an exclusive iron-on transfer for your T Shirt or hippy tie-dyed Granddad Vest. It is a semi-clothed woman drawn by Melinda. I like the application instructions inside which say “Always ask an adult to help apply the transfer. Irons get very hot and should not be used by children”.
Lets hope they’re just being ironic because if little kids are reading this (and particularly last month’s) magazine we may soon be back around to a “Nasty Tales” type trial. Perhaps in a future issue they could include a free gift of one of those triangular pieces of cardboard that you used to swing through the air to make a bang/crack noise. I always liked them.

PS: I read this magazine whilst listening to “Dodgem Dude” by Michael Moorcock’s Deep Fix for the full multi-media experience !!!

Dodgem Logic

May 4, 2010

The colourful but confusing web site for the Northampton-centric “Dodgem Logic” is as odd as the magazine itself. I’ve just tried and failed to buy Issue 3 there. I did manage to buy the first two issues elsewhere. Issue 1 contained a free music CD (and it looks like you can actually download those tracks free from the website …if the links work !!).

There is also a fascinating article in issue 1 about the history of underground publishing from 1200 to 1975. That too can apparently be downloaded directly from their site.

Issue 2 comes with three variant covers. I hate that ! But it also contains a free mini comic. We seem to have come full circle from his time at the “Sounds” pop newspaper. As its title is “Astounding Weird penises” (with a cute 9d price stamp) you can guess the content.

Whether this is the beginning of a new empire or the last gasp of the underground comic/magazine format only time will tell. I’ll certainly try and get issue 3 at some point. It contains a free iron-on T Shirt transfer (which is most likely not suitable for public display ???).