When the Leicester based magazine distributor Thorpe & Porter found themselves wondering what to do with heaps of returned unsold comics someone had the bright idea to tear off the covers and repackage them four at a time inside new covers to create large 128 page books. I guess that the original idea was that at least the first of the four comics would match the title of the “Double Double” book, but evidently not always.

My copy of “Strange Adventures Double Double Comics 1” oddly enough doesn’t contain a single coverless Strange Adventures comic. For the record it contains coverless issues of DC’s “Unexpected” 107, Marvel’s “Strange Tales” 165, DC’s “Challengers of the Unknown” 57 and last (and least) ACG’s “Forbidden Worlds” 142.

Strange Adventures Double Double Comics No 1

I would have thought that the only reason for choosing a particular cover image for these re-packaged comics would be that that was the title they had the most returned unsold/remaindered copies of and that title would go first in the bundle. But it seems almost any comics could be between the covers. Another “Strange Adventures Double Double Comics” sold recently contained “Unexpected” 107 first, followed by “Strange Tales” 164, “Challengers” 56 and “Unknown Worlds” 50 !?! Basically the Double Double Comics could consist of anything that was lying around the Thorpe and Porter warehouse……

Strange Adventures 186

Here’s where they got the cover image from. It looks like Thorpe and Porter re-coloured it. I was disappointed that I didn’t get to read about the Gorilla Witch !!!

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Here are the 24 different issues that were available circa 1967 – 1970. But of course collecting the full set would be impossible as no one knows just how many dozens/hundreds of variations exist !?! And it’s interesting to note that although they originally cost 1/9d and then 2/6d/12½p the last few issues cost a mere 10p (Two shillings). It’s not very often that things come DOWN in price!

Do you remember how DC comics always printed this warning about selling their comics in any altered state.  


Thorpe and Porter in the UK ignored this dire warning and came up with perhaps the oddest comics ever published anywhere.

Double Double comics were 4 remaindered comics with their covers removed and glued together within a new cover. Between 1967  and 1970 at least 24 of these 132 page comics were issued. I have seen issues of Adventure, World’s Finest, Superman, Action, Strange Adventures, Detective, Superboy and Batman. I believe there were others. Some only had one issue whilst Action and Detective had at least three each.

Here is Double Double Action number 1 (although there is no number on the cover) probably from 1967. I know it is the first one as it is priced at One Shilling and Ninepence. The  coverless comics inside are Action 342 from October 1966, Action 343 from November 1966, GI Combat 117 from April/May 1966 and Inferior Five 2 from May/June 1967. The cover seems to be  UK sourced artwork.


Double Double Detective number 3 was evidently published in 1970 or 1971. It is dual priced at 12.5p and Two Shillings and Sixpence. The UK adopted decimal currency in early 1971 and there was a period when many products were labelled with the old and new prices. This magazine contains coverless copies of Detective Comics 352, 378, 359 and 372  (inserted in that order) dated between 1966 and 1968. Again the cover appears to be UK sourced artwork.


The oddest thing of all about these comics is that not all issues had the same four comics inside. It was possible to purchase two copies of Double Double Detective 3 and find different coverless DC issues within. It was even possible to sometimes find a Marvel Comic mixed in with the DCs !!!!!

Here are 2 more Double Double comics I recently failed to win on E Bay. They suddenly seem to have become extremely collectable.