Jerney Kaagman

Aug 24, 2008

Listening to the Dutch Pirate stations like Radio Noordzee, Mi Amigo and Veronica in the early 1970s I was exposed to the music of Kayak, Alquin, Ekseption, Golden Earring, Shocking Blue, Supersister and Focus. Not to mention Bolland and Bolland and Mouth and McNeil !!!. But the best pop group from the Netherlands in those days has to be Earth and Fire fronted by Jerney Kaagman. 

I went to enormous lengths to obtain their LPs at the time, having heard the string of fantastic singles like Invitation, Ruby is the One, Wild and Exciting, Maybe Tomorrow Maybe Tonight and my particular favourite, Memories. There are a few CDs available including this one containing the above hits.

There is also a  (Dutch) DVD containing a number of their TV appearances. I see that a few of these have appeared on YouTube.