Sep 6, 2008

This series along with a number of (predominately female) spin-off titles began around 1984 and continued intermittantly, sometimes in colour, sometimes in black and white for the next 20 years. I believe it is available again now but my local shop doesn’t stock it. AC also continue to issue assorted reprints of long forgotten 1940s and 1950s jungle girl and western material.

For some reason giant female superheroes seemed to be a recurring theme with AC Comics.

AC Comics like to classify many of their books as belonging to the genre known as “Good Girl” art. For a time they actually produced a comic called “Good Girl Art Quarterly” containing cute femme fatales like Torchy and Phantom Girl drawn by Matt Baker. And I always thought Dan DeCarlo drew a sexy Veronica in Archie Comics !!

UK comics often contain “free gifts”. Its unusual for American comics to include anything more than a poster or a couple of trading cards. Issue 50 of Femforce contained a record !! Curiosity got the better of me and with the help of a few coins to hold the thing flat I’ve managed to get these sounds to appear.