Forces in Combat

Jun 1, 2015

Forces in Comat

Another odd Marvel UK comic from 1980/1981. Probably another failed experiment too, as it survived a mere 37 weekly issues. From the title you’d expect a war comic like “Battle” or “Warlord” but the contents were a strange mix. This particular issue contained Marvel reprints of Sgt Fury (as expected) but also ROM, Master of Kung Fu, Rawhide Kid, Machine Man and Kull, along with a few pages of new british content. The centre pages consisted of old reprints (in colour) of Ron Embleton’s “Wulf the Briton”. These had first appeared in a british comic entitled “Express” published by Polystyle as far back as the late 1950s!


Monsters from the sea

One Hungers 1

As was typical at the time, no writing or art credits are listed for this new story.

One Hungers 4