Yet More Gutsman

Aug 1, 2017

I’ve mentioned Gutsman comics before here and here. They aren’t the easiest comics to track down so when I bumped into these recently whilst visiting eBay looking for something else entirely I just had to acquire them.

These comics are pretty odd and unique being wordless, although there are a number of “word balloons” (filled with images not words!). And neat touches like games and paper dolls to cut out.



Erik seems to have moved up a few gears since the Gutsman days. He’s now producing Graphic novels. In 2016 “In the Pines” was published and is available in German, French, Italian (and presumably Dutch/Flemish) but not currently in English (PS: An English version appeared in 2018) . His next graphic novel will be about Vikings in the year 900AD!!

More Gutsman

Jan 1, 2013

I’ve been reading more Gutsman. The first ever issue in fact, which was re-printed a few years ago.

As there are no words in this comic book the plot is open to interpretation. I suspect that Gutsman’s super-heroics happen only inside his head.

I can’t find any Captain Spaceman comics on this side of the North Sea. I believe he may have appeared in a Dutch magazine with the odd title of “Gr’nn”.


Jun 19, 2009


I like reading European comics whenever I come across any. I can just about get by in German. My French is very rusty through lack of use. I only know three words in Flemish and one of those is rude !!


Luckily with “Gutsman” you don’t need to be fluent in Flemish/Dutch. “Gutsman” doesn’t have any words apart from the title. There are loads of word balloons though. These word balloons contain little pictures which describe what each character is saying. All very clever.


Erik Kriek, the writer/artist breaks the fourth wall by including himself in the story. (I like how he often depicts himself wearing a Fantastic 4 T Shirt !!) He is even part of the love triangle between himself, Gutsman and Tigra. This love triangle turns into a rectangle when Erik gets drunk and mistakes Tigra’s younger sister for Tigra. Another odd thing is the way the parents of the two “heroes” wear matching superhero headgear even though they are plainly just normal folk. And Gutsman’s enemies are perhaps not flesh and blood at all but just manifestations of his inner demons.