The H Bunch produced a couple of dozen British underground comix in the first half of the 1970s. I bought “Rock n Roll Madness Funnies” number 2 a massive 41 (gulp!) years ago. Perhaps I bought it in an early comic shop. Perhaps I bought it at one of the Comic Marts that took place in Westminster Central Hall and Camden London which I religiously attended. Perhaps I bought it in a Record shop. Perhaps I bought it in the Virgin record shop in Birmingham. Back then Richard only had a couple of shops along with his lucrative mail-order business. In those days you could spend whole afternoons in his shops listening to records without being hassled to buy anything.

Comic Mart

RnR madness 2

Here are some of the H Bunch’s output. Only “Bijou Funnies” appears to consist of reprinted stuff from the States. Some of the comics are priced in cents as well as pence but I can’t imagine distribution/production runs being very great. Weren’t they ahead of their time with a comic entitled “Sin City”.

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