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Mar 1, 2016

I purchased the pop newspaper “Disc” every week from 1966 until the summer of 1975 when it was merged into “Record Mirror”. By 1975 I had also been buying the edgier and ever-improving “NME” for a number of years anyway.


Disc 16th February 1974

In the early 1970s “Disc” was useful for its pop pirate radio coverage and for classified adverts where you could send off for cheaply printed duplicated/photostatted newsletters from the likes of Crispian St John containing yet more pop pirate radio info.

Free Radio column Disc Feb 1974

A highlight for me was always J.Edward Oliver’s comic strip  featuring Fresco Le Raye. This always contained pop-related in-jokes and numerous mentions of JEO’s continued infatuation with Madeline Smith. Of course, writing this gives me the perfect opportunity to insert an image of MS (and JEO’s likeness of her too).


Madeline Smith by J Edward Oliver

Episode 190

It’s worth a closer look at JEO’s survey.

JEO survey