The Amazing Three

Dec 1, 2010

You’ve heard of the Fantastic Four, but have you heard of the Amazing Three ? Me neither, until I picked up the Jackpot Annual 1982 in a charity shop. In fact I’d never heard of Jackpot either until I looked it up. It was a short-lived UK weekly comic published between 1979 and 1982 by IPC/Fleetway. As was the trend in those days, when it ceased it “merged” with Buster.

Many of the humour strips in Jackpot had diabolically “punny” titles. The Incredible Sulk, Robin Good, Angel’s Charlies, Milly O’Naire and Penny Less etc etc. As was/is the custom then/now the artists responsible for all those and the Amazing Three are not named.

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PPS: I shouldn’t think that this Amazing Three is of any relation to the Japanese manga/cartoons of the same name.