Jane Gay (yes, that was her surname) appeared (often semi-clothed) in a comic strip drawn originally by Norman Pett in the Daily Mirror for 27 years between 1932 and 1959. There were even a few later revivals of the strip, a stage play and a film as recently as 1987. And do you recall the two BBC TV series in the early 1980s featuring the gorgeous Glynis Barber as Jane? Why on earth aren’t they available on DVD? In the 1950s Atlas in Australia repackaged some of the newspaper strips as comics, now calling her “The famous oomph girl” !?!. These may or may not have been available in the UK at the time.





In the 1960s Yaffa (???) in Australia continued where Atlas had left off. But why on earth do three consecutive issues all sport identical covers? Were the contents the same too? They did the same thing with issues of “Twin Earths” and various westerns as well!!




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