Codeg Dalek

Apr 1, 2021

In 1965 Marx toys produced a battery operated toy Dalek standing 5 inches tall and costing 10 Shillings. These days they sell for £££s. The British (???) firm Cowan de Groot also known as Codeg released tinplate clockwork Daleks in 1965. Slightly larger at 6 inches tall in my opinion they were superior to the Marx Daleks. Available in blue or black, the black ones sell for twice the price of the blue ones today.

I received a Codeg Dalek (costing the princely sum of 16s 5d) amongst other things like Annuals and selection boxes, for Xmas 1965. Alas the cardboard box it was packed in most likely wouldn’t have survived until 1966. We lived in the moment when young and couldn’t imagine I would be talking about a toy 55 years later. I’m talking about the toy because I still own it 55 years later!!! There wasn’t an awful lot you could do with it once you’d wound it up a few times and watched it spin round on the table (it wasn’t great on carpets).

So by the new year the Dalek was in a cupboard. Circa 1970 I rescued it from my brother’s clutches and stood it on a shelf. It has stood on various shelves in various houses for the last 50 years.

It seems that the original key was mislaid at some point and there is a Triang key sticking out the side which does fit and winds the clockwork up. If the Dalek was boxed and still complete with all protrusions then according to the Interweb it could sell for £800. So mine, with bits missing, would probably fetch £20 if I was very lucky. But it’s been on that shelf this far. It can stay right where it is alongside the Aurora Frankenstein’s monster and Corgi Batmobile which (not counting the Merit Magic Robot board game !?!) are possibly the only toys still in my posession after 50 years of ownership.

Magic Robot’s back

Sep 1, 2014


Beep Beep Boop dept:    Perhaps. Perhaps not. I thought I’d give WordPress another go but in the last few weeks they’ve rolled out yet more “improvements” that make the cursor jump around the screen and turn writing a simple post into an ordeal so perhaps I won’t be posting too regularly after all…….

Funny Ha Ha dept:    So we’ve recently been told that the world’s funniest joke is:-  “I’ve decided to sell my Hoover. Well, it was only collecting dust…..”, closely followed by Tommy Cooper’s :-  “I’m on a whisky diet. I’ve lost three days already.”

Funny Peculiar dept:     I read in the Daily Mail (that’s if you believe any of the rubbish written there) that 15% of all UK Internet traffic is “cat-related” ?!?.

Proud to be a nonscrot dept:       Borag thung. I recently purchased my annual 2000AD magazine and was unsurprised that it continues it’s downward spiral. No zarjaz science fiction was to be found within the pages. The art was mediocre. Only the Judge Dredd strip made the slightest bit of sense to me. My only brief amusement was found in that Judge Dredd strip concerning a space explorer who had returned to earth (hardly any older) after 70 years away. Her name is given as Indira Knight, so it looks like the writer reads the Sunday Times newspaper columnists.

Next issue on sale next week dept:      If you’d like something to read from November 1948 click here.

The first pirate dept:       I recently caught a fascinating programme hidden away on BBC Radio 4 extra about the life and times of Captain Plugge. This would have made a great film as he was evidently one of those “larger-than-life” characters who just got things to happen. He was a pioneer in “in-car entertainment” with a home-made car radio back in the 1920s. Such was his success at promotion that no doubt the term “to plug” something by advertising it derives from him. He was the instigator of Radio Normandy (and others) which broadcast popular music with English announcers  from the continent to the UK (even on Sundays !?!)  thirty years before Radio Caroline. If WW2 hadn’t upset things who knows how British Broadcasting would have turned out….

Nuff Said 31

Nov 1, 2012

It may give the correct answer but it’s the wrong robot.

Magic and Robots

Mar 1, 2009

ITEM:  Due to numerous requests (that’s Bill Numerous, somewhere in the USA..and no that’s not his real name)  I need to explain the title of this blog. Bill has a very literal view on things and complains that magic and robots are incompatible. His favourite robot is Robby and apparently he is saving up for one of those life-size Japanese Robots. My blog mislead him as it doesn’t contain enough robots !! Someone else keeps ending up here by typing the phrase “sex with Batman”.  He or she is going to be really disappointed too !!!

I could have called this blog  “Owl Stretching Time” or “Mr Potrozebie” or anything really but I just happened to have uncovered an old board game of the same name. So, for Bill and the one other person who hasn’t learnt how to google, “The Magic Robot” was produced by Merit Games of England from the 1950s to at least the mid 1970s and went through various incarnations. The earliest ones boasted a traditional magician as the centerpiece. Throughout the 1960s he was replaced by a small green robot. As this game needed no electricity or batteries it was evident to the 7 year old me that magic must be involved somehow. How else could the Robot work !!



 You placed the Robot into a notch in the middle of a circle of questions. There were a number of interchangeable sheets with varied subjects. Then you rotated the robot until his magic wand pointed at the question you needed an answer to. Then you lifted the Robot onto a mirror around which were a number of possible answers to your earlier question. The Robot would then spin around and come to rest with his magic wand pointing to the correct answer to the question. He never failed to point to the right answer. Even today I’m not sure how he does this. I suspect magnets are involved but I’m loathe to destroy his stand to find out !!

There was even a rare and rather fetching golden robot available in the 1970s. I’d like to track him down.


ITEM:  I can’t remember the last time I was excitedly looking forward to attending the Cinema to  see a film based upon a comic character. The last time was probably when the first ever Superman film came out. I never expected to ever visit the Cinema to see what are essentially the old Charlton Comics’  “Action Heroes” deconstructed. But if  Watchmen lives up to even half of its hype it should be fascinating. Its 18 certificate already means that its not been made with children and merchandising quite as much in mind as Spiderman, Iron Man etc.


After 20 years of people claiming that Alan Moore’s graphic novel was unfilmable it will be interesting to see how they overcome various stumbling blocks. The most obvious problem was Dr Manhattan’s lack of any clothing whatsoever. The solution seems to have been computer-generated genitalia !!  Even the subplot of  “The Tales of The Black Freighter” seems to have been overcome. There will be a DVD release with an extra 30 minutes added to the already generous 2 hours 40 minutes film inserting the Pirate interludes amidst the action.

Once again Alan refuses to give his approval to a film using his plot and characters. I respect his integrity but probably this time director Zack Snyder might actually do the source material justice.



You can even buy the “Black Freighter” as an individual DVD. And for those people who believe that there shouldn’t have been a movie version of Watchmen and that the comic is the definitive version here is an odd halfway-house DVD of the 12 comics with sound and some limited animation.

And I’m off to the cinema again. I can’t cope with American “movies” with their tedious plots about spoiled teenagers etc etc so it’s nice to see a couple of films with plots that I can understand. “The Damned United” is all about Brian Clough’s 44 days at Leeds United in the 1970s.


Another film about a subject I comprehend is “The Boat That Rocked” which is a ficticious account about Pirate Radio in the 1960s by Richard Curtis. In the mid 1970s I once went out on a small boat to see the Mi Amigo. In real life it looked small and clapped-out. It was thought the only thing keeping it afloat was that it was perched on a mountain of beer cans thrown overboard by DJs and crew !!