In 1973/1974 Hallmark Minting Service Inc in the States produced three “Official Marvel Collectors Medallion-Coins” featuring Spider-man, the Hulk and (oddly) Conan the Barbarian. Interestingly each coin was individually numbered on the outer rim. These coins were available in Gold, Silver and Bronze. I wonder how many/how few Gold and Silver ones were produced? The cheaper Bronze ones were by far the biggest sellers as they were advertised for $2 in 1973 increasing to $2.50 by early 1974 in Marvel comics of the time. Buying three or six coins entitled you to a discount. People living in Michigan had to add a sales tax!


Hallmark offered a number of accessories to go with these Medallions/Coins. A Lucite Holder, Key Chain, Neck Chain, Money Clip, Bolo Tie, and Small or Large belt buckles. The Lucite holders and neck chains appear to have been the most popular. 

I believe that there were plans to produce further Medallions/Coins featuring other Marvel characters but this never happened. Currently someone is (trying to sell) selling a bronze Hulk coin and neck chain just like mine for an eye-watering £495.

How I came to purchase this 47 years ago is lost in the mists of time. I didn’t buy things directly from the States in those days but unusually this second advert contains a UK address and a price of £1.25 per coin. Did I send off then in mid 1974 or perhaps were they advertised in UK Marvel comics too?

The Spider-man coin naturally includes the quote “With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility”. The Hulk coin has the quote “Within Each Of Us Oft Times There Dwells A Mighty Raging Fury”. It seems that was the first time that particular quotation was used regarding the Hulk. The quote next appeared on the back cover of a Marvel Treasury Edition large size comic in 1975.

PS: By the time we had reached the third ad in mid 1974 the UK price had increased to £1.75 each. The price of the comics climbed every few months in those days too.