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joke* I’ve set up a new business selling books that are only one inch high. But the margins are tiny.*joke

Millie the Model Mini Book


Incredible Hulk Marvel Mini Book


To the best of my knowledge Marvel Mini Books were only available via Gumball/Bubblegum vending machines in 1966 and 1967. At least, that’s where I got mine from. There were six different titles available. Thor, Spider-man, Captain America, Sgt Fury (see earlier posts) along with The Incredible Hulk and Millie the Model. Each book was available in six different colours, meaning that for completists to collect the set they’d have to track down 36 items !?!

In Marvel comics dated June 1966 Stan Lee said that in April 1966 (?!?) over TEN MILLION of these smallest-ever comicbooks would be issued.

June 66

PS: In 1965 these were some of the previous mini books available. Presumably they contained jokes. “Silly Willies” must have been a joke, right ?!?


mini books

From the early days of Mighty Marvel Merchandising (1966).The six heroes chosen to appear in the World’s smallest (less than 1″ tall !!) comic books were Spiderman, Thor, Sgt Fury, Captain America, The Hulk and……Millie the Model !!  Mini Books were printed in six different colours making a possible total collection of 36 different items if anyone was so inclined.

Someone sent me these scans (from Italy via the USA) to add to my current collection of one Spiderman mini book. Looking for the Hulk and Millie ones now…

Thor           Sgt Fury       Capt America 

Marvel Mini Books

Jul 1, 2009

Marvel mini book Spiderman

page 1

These mini books appeared circa 1966. Despite 52 pages as each page was only 1″ tall there wasn’t room for much more than the odd word and thumbnail sketch (although this one does manage to include Spiderman’s whole origin story concentrated into a few pictures !!). I believe I got mine out of one of those bubblegum dispenser machines with those plastic egg shaped containers which usually produced the bonus of a rubbish plastic “toy” or even a Marvel mini book !!

 I know there were also Sgt Fury, Hulk and Thor Mini Books. Although I never had one there was possibly a Captain America Mini book too.

If your life isn’t complete without one The Amazing Spiderman Marvel Mini Book is right here (as a .cbz file).