Music storage

May 29, 2010

ITEM:   I’ve just had to delete 50 albums from my 8Gb music player to make room for 50 different ones but I still return to the same songs over again. With my mp3 player in “shuffle” mode it never fails to cheer me up when this fab tune comes around. I wish I had a less scratchy version….although that just adds to its other-wordly charm I guess. “All the time in the world” by The Modds is a hidden gem.


ITEM:   I’m debating with myself whether I should buy a Brennan JB7.I’m sure you’ve seen it. He’s really pushing the adverts at the moment. That full page in The Times couldn’t have been cheap. I like the idea of having all my music in one accessible place but I don’t like the thought of the time it would take to put all  my CDs etc onto the 160Gb/500Gb (??) hard disc. Would I ever listen to much of it anyway?  We’ve got out of the habit of listening to music in the lounge these days. I tend to listen more in the car and enjoy Angel Baby (a Podcast) in the privacy of the bathroom. I’ll try and resist the allure of a Brennan JB7 until I’ve done some more research.. 

ITEM:   The prolific author Michael Moorcock used to write Science Fiction paperbacks faster than I could read them. His stories of alternate versions of England were great but I soon tired of the fantasy stuff like Elric and The Eternal Champion. In 1975 Michael released an LP entitled “The New World’s Fair” as Michael Moorcock and Deep Fix. Of course I had to buy it. I was going to talk about the couple of tracks on it that I’ve always liked  and the reason why “concept” albums very rarely work but was surprised to find loads of info about it on the Interweb already and that it’s been available on CD for ages. And the CD version contains a couple of demos/extra tracks I haven’t got.  I’m trying to resist buying that also.