Oct 24, 2011

Stanley Martin Lieber is rightly famous for creating numerous memorable fictional characters from the ones everyone has heard of down to the lesser known Soldier Zero, Willie Lumpkin, Chili Storm, Fin Fang Foom….Spiderman…. Not every idea he’s had has lasted the test of time though. “Nightcat” was to be a real-life version of “Dazzler”. A comicbook heroine and also a pop singer. The idea was quietly shelved as quickly as it began in 1991 after one comic and one CD and single.

The “real” Nightcat as pictured on the front of the single was Jacqueline Tavarez. Was she chosen because she looked like the comic character or was the comic character drawn to look like her? Who knows. Who cares. I don’t believe the CD has ever been re-issued. Curiosity made me track it down. I was expecting soft-metal but it’s actually forgettable dance pop. I’ve forgotten about it already.