Invisible man

Jul 1, 2015


A thousand years ago (back in 2009 actually) I briefly mentioned the launch of BBC Radio One in September 1967. I found the above image in an old magazine from the time. I recently bumped into the image below which at first glance is identical apart from the odd addition of a middle-aged guy on the back row. Who was he and why did he duck down out of sight? If he moved away from the group photo he sure moved quickly as everyone else appears to be in exactly the same poses/positions in both pictures. How odd! Or are they both the same photo and perhaps for reasons unknown (maybe because he wasn’t actually a DJ?) he was airbrushed out of the image I found?


I believe the “missing” man must be Light Programme/Radio One/Radio Two Controller Robin (Scutt) Scott, who can be heard counting down to the start of the first Tony Blackburn Breakfast show on the opening day of Radio One.


Sep 26, 2009


Perhaps I need to explain that this cartoon originally appeared in a newspaper in late September 1967. Do you get it? No? Ah well…………


When the UK offshore Pirate radio stations were silenced by the British Government on August 14th 1967 there was a gap of a few weeks before the BBC finally launched their own “all day pop music station” Radio 1 in September 1967.

This photograph was evidentally taken just before the launch of Radio 1. Some of these new DJs (some of which had transferred from the pirate stations) wouldn’t last very long at the Beeb. Others would have long careers there.

Tony Blackburn (Presented the first Breakfast show. Still in radio.)
Jimmy Young
Kenny Everett (Would move from Radio comedy to TV comedy.)
Duncan Johnson
David Rider
Dave Cash
Pete Brady (Used to host the kid’s TV show “Magpie”.)
David Symonds (Went on to Radio 4.)

Bob Holness (Would go on to present TV’s “Blockbusters”.)
Terry Wogan (I wonder whatever happened to him?)
Barry Alldis (Went to Radio Luxembourg. Died 1982.)
Mike Lennox (Moved to Canada.)
Keith Skues
Chris Denning
Johnny Moran
Pete Myers

Pete Murray
Ed Stewart
Pete Drummond
Mike Raven (Left to work in “Horror Movies”.)
Mike Ahern (Went back to Australia.)
John Peel (Worked for Radio 1 for umpteen years until his death.)

I wonder how many of these people are still working in Radio (or even still alive……?)

PS: I was initially surprised that Jimmy Savile wasn’t on this photograph but it seems he didn’t join Radio 1 until 1968 after spending most of the 1960s at Radio Luxembourg. Johnny Walker is another of those DJs with a long BBC career who you think would have been there at the beginning of Radio 1 but of course in August 1967 he stayed aboard Radio Caroline and only re-surfaced at the Beeb in 1969.