Riot on Sunset Strip

Mar 25, 2008


Many years ago I came across an LP called Riot on Sunset Strip. It was supposedly the soundtrack from the film of the same name. Starring Aldo Ray (who?) and the cute Mimsy Farmer the film was inspired by the teenage riots that happened in LA in 1966. It could only have been made in those days when to be a teenager was fab and anyone over 25 was a middle-aged square!  I’ve patiently waited in vain for this film to appear on TV. However excerpts are now on YouTube here and here. 


As for the LP,  the first three tracks feature The Standells with the title track “Riot on Sunset Strip”, The Mugwumps with “Suset Sally” and an instrumental called “The Sunset Theme” by The Sidewalk Surfers. 

The fourth track on the LP seems somewhat out of place. Its a gentle folk song by Debra Travis called Old Country