Sounds strips

Dec 1, 2019

The Original Writer wasn’t a child prodigy. In fact you could probably call him a late developer. Born in 1953 his early published work was done for free and found within a couple of dozen fanzines in the 1970s.
From 1979 to 1983 he got a regular paying gig as writer/artist of a half page strip in the music newspaper “Sounds” whilst also drawing a comic strip for his local newspaper. He wrote strips for Dr Who weekly/monthly and then 2000AD from 1980, Warrior from 1982 and finally found fandom fame at DC comics from 1984 when he was in his thirties and remained quite prolific up to Americas Best Comics at the turn of the century. His last comics work appears to have been the 12 issue”Providence” in 2015. Then he worked on his epic 1200 page novel “Jerusalem” published last year.

This particular post is to remind readers of Curt’s time as an artist as well as a writer during the period March 1979 to March 1983. I acquired these strips a decade ago from a site that may no longer exist. The collection isn’t complete by any means but it’s quite interesting to see Curt’s earlier work in view of the body of work that would follow. As we live in strange times I’d better add a disclaimer that these strips contain a few swear words. some nudity, and the ability to annoy at least one “Sounds” reader who assumed the views expressed by a comic character in a comic strip must also be the views of The Original Writer.

Curt Vile