More Taschen

Feb 1, 2015


I’m off to the DIY store for four kandles legs to support my latest “coffee table” book. Was it really four years ago when I purchased Taschen’s 75 Years of DC?  Marvel have now caught up with their own massive 75 year history book. With a RRP of £135, and still costing a massive £87.75 from Amazon, it won’t be for everyone. The downsides are that it doesn’t quite fit in my jacket pocket and is somewhat awkward to read whilst sitting on a bus.  On the plus side it is beautifully produced.

75 years


Nov 18, 2010

When a truck pulled up outside and two guys began manhandling a large crate I wondered what was coming. Had I ordered a new Washing Machine/Motorbike and then forgotten all about it ?? Actually it was this book that I’d pre-ordered back in August and had indeed forgotten all about. In fact if the book had been many weeks later they would have had to change the title to “76 years”.

Taschen are to books as Rolls Royce are to cars. This is most definitely a “Coffee Table” book. It’s huge. In fact if you stuck a leg on each corner of this book it would actually BE a coffee table !!

This book contains thousands of illustrations on its massive pages and supposedly hundreds of never-seen-before photos many of which I am sure have already appeared in TwoMorrows publications like this photo of the real Diana Prince. What, you thought she was just a comic book character ?

PS: Actually I exaggerated slightly about the size of the parcel. But I am indeed awaiting a humungous book delivery. I have ordered a set of Encylopedia Britannica 2010 on behalf of an elderly neighbour who doesn’t believe in computers. He thought this may be the final year when something like that would still be available. 32 leather-bound volumes when he could have had the information on one disc !! I can’t wait to see the size of the jiffy bag that lot are delivered in….