Spaceship Moon

May 1, 2021

It’s nearly 50 years since man walked on the Moon. Why have they never been back? Was there nothing interesting to see or perhaps was there too much to see that we perhaps didn’t ought to delve into too deeply?

This book asks us to look up with new eyes. It is obvious, they say, that the Moon couldn’t have got where it is by mere accident. Any loose satellite hurtling through space, even if by some million to one miracle it was attracted to Earth’s gravity rather than the Suns’ and decided to orbit us then the orbit would mathematically have ended up as an elongated ellipse.

The fact that the Moon circles Earth so neatly is too good to be true. The fact that the Moon is a quarter of the size of Earth makes it an unlikely satellite. All other moons circling other planets are much much smaller in relation to their parents.

Near side of the Moon

Some scientists say perhaps the Moon was formed at the same time as the Earth but the Apollo astronauts have brought back samples showing the Moon to be much older than Earth. 

So this book comes to the conclusion that actually the Moon is really an artificial satellite placed there eons ago by who knows who. It is a hollow metal sphere disguised by a two mile crust of dirt and rock. No matter how wide a crater on the surface, none are more than two miles deep. The smooth black areas we see are where the exterior metal of the spaceship is exposed.

Far side of the Moon

Instead of sending probes to Mars, didn’t we ought to be looking for the entrance that takes us inside spaceship Moon or are they scared of what they might find?

PS: Has this book been censored? It hasn’t been reprinted recently and copies in pretty average condition are currently selling for over £50 ????