Apr 1, 2015

Over a period of around 20 years, beginning in 1972, Marvel UK produced umpteen different titles in umpteen different formats. Newsprint covers, glossy covers, landscape-shaped comics, pocket sized comics, weeklies, monthlies and eventually even comics that looked just like the American ones. However initially it was decided that to successfully enter the British market their comics would have to resemble current British comics like “Buster” and “2000AD” so newsprint covers and mostly black-and-white interiors were used. Despite a few glossy-covered weekly comics in the 1970s like “Captain Britain”, “Dracula Lives” and “Planet of the Apes”, by 1980 they were still issuing some all-newsprint comics featuring the Hulk and Spiderman along with anthology titles like this.


“Valour” wasn’t a particularly valiant effort surviving a mere 19 weeks before merging with the similar-looking science-fiction themed “Future Tense”. The only “interesting” thing about issue one of “Valour” was that for reasons unknown it was one inch taller than all the subsequent issues.

From Cents to Pence - icon, bordered (5-11 redesign)

Perhaps we’re getting nearer to the publication of Rob Kirby’s much-needed book that might or might not be entitled “From cents to pence” but will include an introduction written by that legendry comic creator Mr W. Known. An article Rob wrote in “Back Issue” magazine a while back showed he has done much detailed research concerning the people and processes involved in producing the bewildering amount of issues published by the British arm of Marvel comics.