Five Wednesdays

Feb 1, 2012

Believe it or not, the last time we had five wednesdays in February was in 1984. There won’t be another February with five wednesdays until 2040. I wonder what the world will look like then?? Anyway, I recently needed to know what day of the week a date in 1977 fell on. No doubt there are places on the Interweb with such data. No doubt the iaddicts already have an “app” that  lists every day from the Flintstones’ era up to the 21st of December 2012 on their devices. But my way used no electricity or bandwidth and had the benefit of some pretty pictures to look at too. I knew my Warren Vampirella Calendar would finally come in useful if I kept it long enough!!

Warren Calendar 1977

PS:  And then I open my diary and what do I see??????

250 year Day – Date Reference Guide

Freak Out

May 9, 2010

Warren publishing never liked to miss emerging trends be it Films or Pop Music. For instance the first issue of this 1960s magazine covered all the bases from the sublime (Monkees)  to the ridiculous sublime (Fugs). Issue two contained a far more motley assortment.

On the Scene presents Freak Out USA Number 1

On the Scene presents Freak Out USA Number 2

I wish I was more organised. After much searching I’ve just unearthed Warren’s 1984 issue number 4. A quick glance reveals a fascinating tale about the Martians. H.G.Well’s War of the Worlds actually happened and the Martians have finally returned for a second invasion 80 years later. And I’m looking forward to reading about the further adventures of the beautiful Idi Amin !!

Warren Comics Advert

Nov 18, 2008


I still think the Warren stuff really ought to be re-issued (in colour).

For a time in the late 1970s MB Games (Milton Bradley) sold a selection of 6 Jigsaw Puzzles featuring a few famous and not so famous Warren Comic Covers.

Jigsaws were available showing the cover art of Creepy 28,71,81 and Eerie 38,59,84. As I own the Creepy 28 one I thought I’d pull out the actual issue for a closer look. Cover dated August 1969 it was published at a time when Warren needed to resort to using a number of reprinted stories to find enough material to fill the magazines. Despite having seen some of the stories before the new material is still interesting. The results of an earlier competition are announced whereby a reader had to send in a script to be published. The winner was Reuben Reid. I wonder if that was the only thing he ever had published?

“Grub” also caught my eye. Scripted by Nicola Cuti (perhaps his first for Warren?) with artwork by Tom Sutton.

The splash page artwork doesn’t really look like Tom Sutton’s work. The rest of the art has a polished “Wally Wood” space opera look to it.There is a nice shock ending.

I also like the story “The Doorway” drawn by Dan Adkins. Although it had already been published in Creepy 11 a couple of years earlier this time it inspired the cover artwork and I’m back to where I began. It’s a long time since I did a Jigsaw Puzzle…………………………

Spot the Difference

Oct 16, 2008

A number of subtle and not so subtle changes to the script (and art) took place between the Rex Havoc stories in the Warren magazine 1984 and their collection in Warren Presents 14 a couple of years later. Here are just a few examples.

Above: Warren’s 1984 #4. Below: Warren Presents #14.

Above: Warren’s 1984 #4. Below: Warren Presents #14.

Above: Warren’s 1984 #4. Below: Warren Presents #14.

Nuff Said 13

Oct 13, 2008