Xmas in July

Jul 1, 2020

I’ve been slowly downsizing/reducing my possessions for a decade now. Today’s clearout consisted of a stack of 100 singles. I retained just five. One of them was the glorious “A merry jingle” by the (short lived…I believe they only played four gigs plus a couple of TV appearances…) band/supergroup(?) The Greedy Bastards (shortened to the Greedies). This single (the only recording the band released) which came out for Xmas 1979, is a fab Xmas song and it prompted me to gather some more uplifting Xmas music to listen to whilst in the garden on the hottest day of the year.

See also a decade(!?!) ago:

Yikes!! It’s snowing already. WordPress snow doesn’t need shovelling away, but it may slow down your computer if you’re one of the hardy few still using XP.

Hooray! Here is another music mix with only a couple of Xmas tunes thrown in as befits my current “bah humbug” mood.


Here is a crumbly old British Blackhawk reprint that I remember reading way back when.


One of the fast-disappearing Xmas rituals is the traditional unravelling of the fairy lights and the search for replacement lamps of various wattage/voltage/cap. The instructions/box would have been lost years ago. If the lights were in series, one dud lamp would darken the whole string and you had to remember it must be 12v lamps for 20-sets and 6v lamps for 40-sets or suffer the consequences. There were loads of cheap Chinese strings with “push-in” rather than “screw-in” lamps which relied on two bits of thin bent wire on each lamp to maybe or maybe not line up with the flimsy metal contacts inside the lampholders. Such fun!

Artificial Xmas trees are so elaborate now with computer programming for their built-in lights or pretend snow puthering out the top. Circa 1933 my grandmother bought a Xmas tree from Woolworths. It stood 2 feet tall and had about a dozen sparce branches. It wore six candles on bulldog clips and a few little plastic bells and would emerge every year until the late 1980s.

Xmas 1933


Dec 1, 2013

xmas tree1xmas tree2xmas tree3xmas tree4xmas tree

My favourite Xmas song this year is about 15 years old (but it’s new to me). And I THINK it’s a Xmas song. I can’t make out many of the words. It’s still fab though and it goes something like this.

PS: And this one isn’t too shabby either.

PPS: But on reflection, apart from Bing crooning “White Christmas” this is still the best ever Christmas song.

Merry Christmas you suckers
you miserable men
That old festive season
is with you again.
You’ll be spending your money
on cartloads of junk.
And from here to New Year
you’ll be drunk as a skunk.

Merry Christmas you suckers
it’s perfectly clear
that you fall for it all
a bit sooner each year.
If it goes on like this
you will find pretty soon
that you’re singing White Christmas
as early as June.

This Christmas card racket
will cost you a packet.
Each season it seems to expand.
The cards are so clever
though nothing whatever
to do with the subject in hand.

You’ll be taking the kids round
the multiple stores
to be frightened to death by
some old Santa Claus.
Then it’s parties with spirits
and vino and beer.
Merry Christmas you suckers
and a happy New Year.

Merry Christmas you suckers
you bleary-eyed lot.
You’ll never get rid of
that headache you’ve got.
But I hope you feel splendid,
you certainly should,
with your stomachs distended
with turkey and pud.

Merry Christmas you suckers.
Jump into your cars.
Roar off to your neighbours
to sink a few jars.
Though your vision is double
just keep smiling through.
There are others in trouble
a lot worse than you.

Beyond any question
acute indigestion
will plague you
and make you unwell.
You won’t take the warning.
You’ll wake up each morning
undoubtedly feeling
like hell.

But stick to it suckers.
Go swallow a pill.
For this is the season of
peace and goodwill.
While we patiently wait for
that nuclear blast,
Merry Christmas you suckers.
It may be your last…..

Post early for Xmas

Dec 1, 2012

Ripley’s Belive it or Lump it dept:      Every day the world generates 15 petabytes ( 15 with 15 zeros after it) of new data, equivalent to the data contained in a million copies of the entire Encyclopedia Britannica, according to IBM. Here are my bytes to add to the heap.

Something for the weekend dept:      In May 1967 I bought this. I think I might read it again for the first time in 45 years (!?!) this weekend. Perhaps you’d like to read it too?


I wish I was organised dept:      I downloaded this tune earlier this year and forgot to make a note of the band’s name. I couldn’t even make out what language they were singing in.

So I’ve just made a concerted effort and discovered that the tune is by a 1960s/1970s Cambodian singer/band by the name of Yol Aularong. He/They have a couple of other tracks available on UTube but this one is still my favourite. It cheers me up every time it comes around on “shuffle” on my mp3 player.

I don’t like W H Smiths dept:      When I think of all the money they have had from me over the years….. I’m going to do my best to give them much less next year. They have deteriorated over the last few years. The nearest store to me is really gloomy with narrow isles and stuff set out haphazardly. You can’t place your purchases on the counter for clutter and almost-date-expired “half price chocolate”. The magazines are crushed together. They don’t appear to stock the new UK Batman or the little Book Collector Magazine. I found some “Commando” issues hidden behind comics for 5 year olds. I gathered a stack of magazines and queued for 10 minutes. My purchases came to £24. The conversation then went something like:- “Do you want a bag?”. “Not if you’re going to charge me for one!”. “They’re only a penny.” “I don’t care. There is a principle at stake here. I’ve just given you £20 and thousands over the years. Surely I deserve a crummy bag.” “I’m sorry you feel like that. We’re trying to save the environment”. “How does giving you an extra penny save the environment?”

On a previous visit to the same shop after being pestered once again to buy their half-price chocolates I was presented with a free copy of The Times. I politely declined and asked if I could have a free copy of The Sun instead. “I’m afraid not. What’s wrong with The Times?” “I already have that delivered. So rather than a free copy of The Times can I have a free bag instead? ” “No”. I had to stuff my magazines inside my jacket and go out into the driving rain.

I like Elizabeth Montgomery dept:      One xmas present to myself this year will be the box set of all 8 seasons of Bewitched. A bargain at 50 quid for 254 episodes.

Every blog has its day dept:    Blimey. It’s time for the winter Podcast already. I’m sure there must be worse ways to spend an hour. The links are in the “comments” area below.

oh…and PS…..

Happy Holidays

Seasons greetings

CB:      Don’t buy me any presents this year.
            All I want is for there to be peace and
love throughout the world.
Lucy:  Wow, Charlie Brown, do you really mean that?
CB:      No, I think I’ve finally flipped.


Happy Xmas

Dec 24, 2010

I’d almost forgotten about this Xmas tune…………

Suddenly it’s Xmas

Dec 14, 2010

I couldn’t be bothered to do another Xmas mix tape. Been there done that back on the 25th June. (!!??!!) It should still be there if you’re curious. Click on “xmas” in the left hand column. However I did find this old favourite of mine which is seldom played anywhere (and which hasn’t really anything to do with Kung Fu) …

Xmas in June

Jun 25, 2010


The picture above is from a postcard that is 100 years old. It dates from the time when xmas cards were just that – postcards with a picture on one side and an address and greeting on the other. Then no one had thought of folding a piece of card and putting it in an envelope !! I discovered the card inside a book that was given to me by a relative many years ago.


PS: Interestingly the picture appears to have been drawn by W.G.Baxter (1856 – 1888). He was a pioneer of UK comics and best known as an artist on the Victorian satirical publication/comic  “Ally Sloper’s Half Holiday” before dying of consumption at the early age 0f 32. 

PPS: Here is an unedited version of the picture.