October 1, 2014




Somewhere in Time

October 1, 2014

“Somewhere in Time” is a better title than the novel upon which the film was based which was called “Bid time return”. Brief plot. Old woman finds young guy in 1972 who she’d briefly had an affair with 60 (!?!) years earlier. She dies. In 1980 guy finds same woman when she was young in 1912. They fall in love and then he loses her when he’s returned to the present. He dies of a broken heart. They are re-united in death. Happy stuff and sad stuff. Starring Christopher Reeve (fresh from his success as Superman) and Jane Seymour it is a romance with a dash of fantasy that your wife and/or girlfriend will love. Why not buy them both a copy today.

Somewhere in time

No Tardis is required for Chris to travel back in time. He just lies on a bed until he finally wakes up in 1912 to meet and woo the gorgeous Jane whom he’d fallen in love with just by seeing a photograph of her taken 68 years earlier. The film didn’t make that much of an impact at the time of its release but subsequent TV showings and VHS/DVD releases have turned it into quite a cult film now. The fan club/Website holds annual get-togethers at the hotel in Michigan where it was originally filmed. What really helps the film work as a “four hanky tear-jerker” is the moody romantic score by John Barry.

Somewhere in Time soundtrack

Far out

October 1, 2014

The first half of the recently published book “Far out at sea” covers old ground about the history of offshore broadcasting from the 1950s to 1972. Then there is a an account of how the almost-scrap Mi Amigo returned to the North Sea in 1972. Then finally a few chapters about that brief period from July 1973 to February 1974 when Radio Caroline changed it’s name (and format) to Radio Seagull. They actually only managed to broadcast for about 3 months of that period due to the numerous aerial and generator problems that beset the ageing ship. Radio Seagull was in spirit (and briefly, people) a continuation of the bonkers (in a good way) Radio Geronimo. 

Far out at sea

PS: The rest of the book concerns the revival of Radio Seagull in name and format from a boat in 2003. So there is a (Dutch) incarnation of Radio Seagull broadcasting from a boat (mostly in harbour) via the Interwebs (and sometimes MW) this very minute. They say:-

Radio Seagull plays the best Progressive Rock, the coolest Album tracks and the finest Alternative music we also feature specialist music programmes which include Blues, Vintage Soul, World Music, Smooth Jazz, Country and Americana.

How much?

October 1, 2014

Whilst I was buying the “Far out at sea” book” from Amazon I noticed this. There seems to be a growing trend of people trying to get outrageous sums of money for pretty average merchandise. Perhaps they hope someone will be browsing late at night and be too blind drunk to notice the price? If I could sell a few items from my bookshelves at those sort of prices I’d have enough spare cash to start my own offshore radio station…..

Offshore radio

Offshore Radio Board book – 1 Dec 1974

by Gerry Bishop (Author)

1 Used from £2,499.50
1 New from £2,499.50

1 customer review

HOW much? Review by LM on 2 Sep 2014

“I’m giving the book four stars for its quality. My only gripe about the book is that there’s no chronological index.However, as to its Amazon listing…
As I view this page on September 2 2014 the book is priced at £2,449. That is freaking INSANE. Yeah, I know it’s quite rare nowadays, but I’m pretty sure if you wait long enough you’ll find a copy on eBay for a fraction of the price. So unless you’re a recent lottery winner, or unless you’re reading this at a time when the price has dropped to something more reasonable, I suggest you just have a damn good laugh at this page.
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PS: And suddenly everywhere I look people are out to con me. There are 22 people parting with their 1988 Victor Annuals for pees and one clever-dick who hopes for substantially more. I know they say “Caveat emptor” but I really think Amazon ought to put a stop to these sharp practices before their image gets too tainted.

Nuff Said 47

October 1, 2014

patsy walker

Magic Robot’s back

September 1, 2014


Beep Beep Boop dept:    Perhaps. Perhaps not. I thought I’d give WordPress another go but in the last few weeks they’ve rolled out yet more “improvements” that make the cursor jump around the screen and turn writing a simple post into an ordeal so perhaps I won’t be posting too regularly after all…….

Funny Ha Ha dept:    So we’ve recently been told that the world’s funniest joke is:-  “I’ve decided to sell my Hoover. Well, it was only collecting dust…..”, closely followed by Tommy Cooper’s :-  “I’m on a whisky diet. I’ve lost three days already.”

Funny Peculiar dept:     I read in the Daily Mail (that’s if you believe any of the rubbish written there) that 15% of all UK Internet traffic is “cat-related” ?!?.

Proud to be a nonscrot dept:       Borag thung. I recently purchased my annual 2000AD magazine and was unsurprised that it continues it’s downward spiral. No zarjaz science fiction was to be found within the pages. The art was mediocre. Only the Judge Dredd strip made the slightest bit of sense to me. My only brief amusement was found in that Judge Dredd strip concerning a space explorer who had returned to earth (hardly any older) after 70 years away. Her name is given as Indira Knight, so it looks like the writer reads the Sunday Times newspaper columnists.

Next issue on sale next week dept:      If you’d like something to read from November 1948 click here.

The first pirate dept:       I recently caught a fascinating programme hidden away on BBC Radio 4 extra about the life and times of Captain Plugge. This would have made a great film as he was evidently one of those “larger-than-life” characters who just got things to happen. He was a pioneer in “in-car entertainment” with a home-made car radio back in the 1920s. Such was his success at promotion that no doubt the term “to plug” something by advertising it derives from him. He was the instigator of Radio Normandy (and others) which broadcast popular music with English announcers  from the continent to the UK (even on Sundays !?!)  thirty years before Radio Caroline. If WW2 hadn’t upset things who knows how British Broadcasting would have turned out….


September 1, 2014


Yikes! The swinging sixties are now a lifetime ago and on the 19th of this month Lesley will be !*@&!! years old.