Inferior Five

Jul 20, 2009

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I always enjoy comics that employ humour and parody. Recently there has been “The Age of the Sentry” and “Ambush Bug”. In the 1960s there were a number of interesting comics that should have been more successful than they were. The art and writing on “Inferior Five” was great. A few loose ends were later tied up in issues of “Angel and the Ape” where we discovered that Angel and Dumb Bunny were sisters. Oh and the “Ape” from “Angel and the Ape” was connected with Gorilla Grodd and that city of intelligent Apes. Recently Merryman was even involved in Final Crisis !! Personally I think it is continuity that ruined comics. Having to know the whole back history of the Marvel or DC Universe to understand who is who and what is what is a chore. I liked single issue stories and never saw the need for everything to be interconnected.

But sometimes you just wonder whats going on. Like the cover above. How can Superman and Superboy be side by side !! (But of course none of those heroes on the cover, apart from a two-panel cameo by Robin, appear anywhere inside the comic anyway….). Its like those odd early 1960s Wonderwoman stories where she teamed up with Wonder Girl and Wonder Tot when at the time they were all supposedly one and the same person !!

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2 Responses to “Inferior Five”

  1. ACW Says:

    The Inferior Five absolutely needs to be collected as a trade paperback. My edition of the DC Universe guide doesn’t even include them (though Ambush Bug is in there). Great to see the Blimp in “52” and also Merryman in Final Crisis … even if they did get the colours of his costume all wrong.

  2. themagicrobot Says:

    Agreed. A hardcover book like the recent “Herbie” ones would be nice. If you ever visit the furthest corners of the DC Universe look out for “The Maniaks” which was a Showcase trial, “Angel Love” (which was adult in plot if not in art) and the OZ-Wonderland war which was an underrated finale/mini series of “Captain Carrott” !!!

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