Invisible Dick

Apr 1, 2017

The DC Thompson character “Invisible Dick” first appeared almost one hundred years ago in text stories beginning in 1922 within the first few issues of “The Rover” and later in “The Dandy”.

By the 1960s the stories were two page strips appearing mostly in “Sparky” comic (The comic for Boys and Girls!). Initially he used a jar of invisible liquid given to him by a sailor (?). The origin of the character changed over the decades. The 1960s version of Invisible Dick that I recall had a “magic” torch. This torch had been taken from a space ship by his astronaut father (?). Presumably cosmic rays in space had transformed the torch’s beam from light to black (?). Everything the beam touched became invisible (for a while) with the usual “hilarious” consequences.

A few years ago Obscure Reference Comics brought out a single issue which updated the character for the C21st.