Feb 1, 2017

It seems recent posts here aren’t as good as they used to be…whatever that means. They’ve always been inconsequential rubbish as far as I’m concerned. It takes a lot of work to produce this. I employ a full time team of web designers with the task of giving this blog the appearance that it is produced by someone totally clueless. As with this audio file. Millions of tunes have been analysed and dismissed before the seventeen incredibly annoying and three majestic tunes were finally chosen. I suffer for my art. I don’t see why you shouldn’t too.


5 Responses to “Thirty”

  1. Niblet Says:

    As I felt I had maybe upset you last month by saying I never listen to your mixtapes, I did listen to this one. I’m aware that you don’t like to identify the tracks but I have devised a way of referring to the contents in a cryptic fashion.

    You eased me in gently with the comforting, tea-time gnawt of Eneerg Drahcir’s Dooh Nibor. I also recognised Noswad Sel in the guise of Eceipllams Omsoc (never heard that one before) and what was clearly some Lanoitanretni Aeshtron Oidar archive material. There was someone who sounds a bit like Newob Mij spoofing Yelserp Sivle, a young lady having her ystoow ystoots tickled, a mutated version of Llod Gnivil, and a song containing references to the mighty Nodeew Treb. I recognised the piano melody near the end but I’m afraid I don’t know what it’s called (it’s normally sung by some ekolb ymoolg). The finale was the unforgettable rendition of Yaw Ym by Drallum Rufra.

  2. Excellent. Only Stanley Unwin could have said it better. But I’m only giving you nine out of ten because I’m not sure who “There was someone who sounds a bit like Newob Mij spoofing Yelserp Sivle” refers to unless perhaps Reklaw Ttocs ?? I was given the Eneerg Drahcir Dooh Nibor DVD for samx but only managed to watch two episodes before I feared for my sanity. Some things are best left as memories.

  3. PS: I wrote DVD sdrawkcab too but somehow it just didn’t work.

  4. Niblet Says:

    I realise this is a cunning ploy on your behalf to make me listen to the mixtape again, but the Yelserp spoof starts at about 39:15 and the opening words are ‘Everybody loves Sretfird Eht’.

    My recollections of Eneerg Drahcir’s Dooh Nibor are inextricably linked with the tea-time consumption of fishpaste sandwiches (sehciwdnas etsaphsif), meaning I’ll never be able to watch it again (probably a good thing judging by your experience).

  5. It shows I haven’t even got round to listening to my own stuff yet! Back in the 1970s when I was a serial gig-goer this tune was by one of the best live bands I ever saw. The mighty Egrahcrepus. Look them up on WikiThingi.

    My teatime memories were Woh, Cigam Lamina and Eosurc Nosnibor (now there was a theme tune) accompanied by jam sandwiches.

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