More Katina

Oct 23, 2009


You know how it is. You wait ages for a bus and then two come along together. I’d been looking for this record for years. Well, more truthfully, It had been somewhere in the back of my mind for years that if I ever found myself standing in front of another copy I’d buy it.
So, inevitably, as soon as a kind soul sent me an mp3 file of this “classic” someone else alerted me to a copy for sale on eBay. As expected with the synchronicity of these things, although the mp3 file had come from another country the eBayer selling said record lived only a few miles away from me. This single may even be the same copy I bought new in 1972 and “lost” in 1973 !!

So I can finally play the “b” side again for the first time in 36 years. Was it worth the wait ? I guess not. 

Katina – Don’t stick stickers on my paper knickers (version) Cactus CT4 B side