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Aug 31, 2009

another post

ITEM:   Cyril Henty-Dodd died recently aged 74. An early Radio Caroline DJ who, as “Simon Dee” swiftly became a housewife’s favourite, swiftly moved onto TV and just as swiftly fell out of favour. Did anyone really think that the X Factor/Big Brother “famous for 15 minutes” phenomena was anything new ?? Cyril did eventually return for a short spell as a BBC Radio 2 DJ after previously earning his living as a Bus Driver. I wonder if you got a free ride if you showed him your old fan club membership card ??

Simon Dee

ITEM:    I predict that for the next 10 years or so we will be inundated with references to the swinging sixties in the Internet and other media as a parade of 1960s “Pop Personalities” kick the bucket. I was amused by a recent article concerning what to do with your Internet presence once you are no longer around this earthly vale of tears to update your Weblog/Facebook page etc etc. Actually thinking about it this will increasingly become a problem. Blogs will hang suspended in limbo becoming more and more stagnent and dated until the powers that be just turn them off. Family and friends won’t have the passwords necessary to retrieve the deceased person’s eMail or access their online bank accounts. However, fear not, as it seems even as I speak enterprising people are setting up Websites to handle just those sorts of problems. You can sign up with them and they’ll keep your details ready to be forwarded to your relatives when you shuffle off of this mortal coil so your next of kin can do what they will with your earlier rantings and ramblings such as just deleting everything or even arranging for your facebook page to have a giant RIP stamped across it.