One thousand

Jun 1, 2016

not action 1

A mere five years ago I was disappointed to see that Action comics (No 1 June 1938 – No 904 October 2011), along with the whole DC universe had reverted back to issue number one. They’ve evidently now had a change of heart. After 52 issues of Action Comics Volume 2 we seem to have back-tracked to Volume 1 again. They’ve added the 52 Volume 2 issues to the original 904 and now we are presented with issue number 957 continuing the original continuity. Bonkers or sensible? Who knows. That’s comics for you. And now Action comics is going to be published fortnightly unlike the previous monthly schedule. Wasn’t it 8 times a year in the 1960s and weekly in the 1980s?? I can’t keep up. Still, at this rate it looks like there WILL be an Action Comics Number 1000 sometime early 2018.

Here is an Action Comic that hasn’t the slightest relevance to any of the above.

Miller Action Comics

PS: And they’ve done the same thing to the numbering with Detective Comics. However most of the other DC titles have in fact started again at Number one.