Dec 1, 2009

Twenty years ago (good grief!) Syd Meats appeared regularly with the anarchic Boothby Graffoe on Radio Lincoln. Syd’s speciality was comic songs, often only written a few days earlier concerning topical news items. “Snails” was always a favourite of mine. I posted an audio clip featuring it last year. (Incidentally, according to WordPress statistics that, along with my post concerning A.P.Dangerfield remain the least-ever viewed items here!!!!). Nevertheless, as I continue to champion things that amuse ME and not the world at large, I proudly present another (better???) version of this legendary moment in the history of Radio Lincoln…..

Syd Meats – Snails

PS: If you’re wondering what on earth the song is about. 20 years ago there was a news item that the EEC were going to re-classify as Fish (for beaurocratic reasons no doubt) that French delicacy Snails, much to Syd’s chagrin. I’ve no idea if they ever actually did or not though…………………