Is it a Record ?

Jun 6, 2011

How much is a record or a CD worth ? In the case of “A Whole New World” by Katie Price and Peter Andre the answer is 1p. Is that a record ? It may not be worth listening to but the Amazon reviews are fun.

I’m still slowly throwing my old records away now that most LPs and even the most obscure singles (ESPECIALLY the most obscure singles…..for obvious reasons) are only a free click away on the Internet these days.

Apart from “Alright I’ll see you tonight” by Wellington. I drew a virtual blank when googling for info on this single. There are a few copies for sale on eBay at quite inflated prices. The band possibly hailed from the Corby/Northants area. The names Ian Eccles and Dave Martin are mentioned. There were at least two further singles by Wellington. That’s all I could find. This first single is the epitome of 70s pop with a T-Rexy start and a singalong chorus that would be ideal at a football match. The “b” side is a repetative guitar n drums instrumental. 

Alright I’ll see you tonight

How would you like to rock with me

PS: Concord only released 31 singles between 1969 and 1974 with the song titles always placed in inverted commas. Oddly enough their 31st and final single was “Catch us if you can” by Wellington. I don’t know if this was an original song or a cover of the old DC5 tune though.

PPS: The label design on Concord singles changed 3 times. It is only today, after owning this record for 38 years that I realise this label design is a picture of a fried egg !!!

PPPS: I no longer collect singles but if I did CON015 “Song for Jimi” by Wolfrilla would be on my wish list. I’m intrigued.