Aug 11, 2008

Its 10 years since I bought this two-issue mini series. Out of all the convoluted back-history of the Marvel Universe these two 1998 painted comics seem to have been airbrushed out of continuity.

Painted by Igor Kordey and (according to the credits) written by Dan Abnett the story links the beginnings of the Marvel Heroes of 1961-1962 with the “Monster Invasions” as seen in Astonish/Suspense etc a few years earlier. It seems a secret (Government?) organisation was responsible for financially supporting Tony Stark, Reed Richards, Henry Pym, Charles Xavier, Bruce Banner etc (and others who ultimately became villains) when they first began their research into Gamma Rays, Unstable Molecules, Mutants etc. This shadowy organisation, known as “Control” was responsible for the creation of The Hulk. His roaming around the countryside was the perfect justification for a  vast expenditure on new Military hardware. The Marvel Heroes (either knowingly or un-knowingly) were being manipulated. “Control” may even have been responsible for the creation of Spiderman. There is mention of Thanos and of reverse-engineered Skrull technology from a 1947 crash. Its all very enigmatic.

The GCD Comic Database contains the also enigmatic:-
“Todd Johnson in 2007 claimed to have written this series but had it taken away from him.”

Talk about conspiracy theories…………….