Aug 21, 2009

monolith on mars

ITEM:   The question is….is this really a “Monolith on Mars” filmed from an orbiting satellite or is it a close-up of something protruding from a McVities Digestive Biscuit ??

ITEM:   I often hear (at work as well as spouted by Politicians of all hues) the irritating phrase “Going forward”. I think the country is going backwards fast. For example, last saturday I was prevented from making my usual trip to the local comic shop by riot police and road blocks due to an anti-BNP demonstration. Why do I still go to the comic shop you ask ??  Because I can I suppose. I recall those days of yore when I would clutch a  1/- coin and have to make that momentous decision of which one comic I bought from a spinner rack heaving with goodies. Now I am in a position to buy as many comics as I wish (within reason). So this story written by  Brian Augustyn which appeared inside the front cover of a Trollords comic (the September 1987 issue in case anyone cares…) has always amused me.

ITEM:    20 years ago I used to regularly exchange mix-tapes with a friend in the USA. She favoured singer-songwriters whilst I favoured the bonkers sounds I still like today. But I still loved getting her cassettes with the oh so neatly hand-written liner cards. I was messing about with my Bond Equipe (a new battery and it fired up first time after 9 years in storage) and found some of her (and my) mix-tapes in the glove compartment, last played circa 1989. I was in music heaven for the next hour. I re-discovered stuff like The Blue Rondos’ “Little Baby” which was a Joe Meek production from 1966 and a Jukebox favourite of mine for years . One of the tapes also included Jesus’ Blood by Gavin Bryars. Now this legendary 25 minute plus UK instrumental with haunting looped vocal has an amazing effect on people. They either love it or it drives them so mad that they start throwing things at wherever the music is coming from !!! It is certainly hypnotic. (The later remix with Tom Waits performing a duet with the original recording was less successful). And there were more odd sounds like this tune. The artist and title have long-since faded from my brain but I  think it was from a  single on UA records circa 1974 with backing vocals by The Maggie Stredder Singers …..  any ideas anyone…..

ITEM:   I have followed the work of Brian Bolland right from his days of unpaid artwork in UK Fanzines and his early underground comix like this…


On to whatever it is he’s currently doing..mostly covers for DC comics……But I particularly enjoyed this hardback… the Actress said to the Bishop………..

Bolland Strips

I’m sure Tony Bennett (yes, the famous one…not the singer..) will still have copies of this and much other graphical goodness available at the legendary Knockabout Comics of London.