Sock Thrills!

Mar 1, 2013

Can’t say I’ve ever found socks particularly thrilling. Everyone to their own fetish I suppose….

31 cover

Len Miller’s UK comic concerning the adventures of the real-life C18th American “frontiersman” Daniel Boone was popular enough in the mid/late 1950s to run for 35 monthly issues. There were only 14 issues of the Quality/DC “Exploits/Legends of Daniel Boone” so even allowing for the smaller page count of the British editions at some point Mr Miller must have run out of reprint material and began new stories using British artists sourced via Mick Anglo. (It had worked well enough a few years before with Captain Marvel/Marvelman).

Ironically the Daniel Boone comics of the 1950s in the USA may well have come about due to the popularity of the TV show featuring that other famous “frontiersman” Davy Crockett.

Daniel Boone 31 Miller 1958

PS: For completeness I’ll mention that Charlton issued 4 Daniel Boone comics in the mid 1950s three of which appeared under the title “Frontier Scout Dan’l (?!?) Boone”. Perhaps they were trying to avoid trademark issues? There was a one-shot Daniel Boone comic from Avon in 1953 (later re-printed by IW/Super) and there were a number of Daniel Boone comics produced by Gold Key based on the mid 1960s TV show.