Sinister Tales

May 26, 2010

Now, where have I seen this cover before ??  Although I bought this when it was first published I can’t remember when that would have been…. its not like I kept a list…mid to late 1970s ?? Who knows…Alan Class never dated his comics. Sinister Tales, along with the other 5 main Class Series comics such as Uncanny, Astounding etc began circa 1962-1964 ?? I don’t even know if he kept to a strict monthly schedule. I don’t know much do I ?? I do know that the best interview with Alan is by Terry Hooper here. And I do know that the same cover appeared many years earlier on this comic.

And, of course, it originally appeared on this comic.

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  1. Dave Whit. Says:

    although a life long comic fanatic Ialways viewed Alan class’ comics as third rate – despite their treasure trove of lovely old American strips. My personal gripe was that I’d read Part 1 of a story (ie; the Avengers)in one issue, but when I bought the following issue there was no sign of Part 2 anywhere. I only really ever bought Alan class comics as a last resort, consequently I’ve only got a couple of issues in my unwieldy collection. In retrospect I wish I had bought a few more, as you did get your money’s worth!
    Not sure if you are aware, but 30th Century Comics (of Putney)have a shed load of Alan class comics in their online catalogue. Their website also has a short article on Alan class, although it’s best described as a work in progress. Here’s the link if you’re curious –

    Love your blog – always varied and eclectic.
    All the best, Dave

  2. Yes, I agree that they were third rate (If I had been Alan I would have tried to develop some themes..say Superheroes in one title, Monsters in another) and because they were third rate I had no qualms about throwing most black and white reprint comics away after I’d read them. That’s what makes these surviving issues I’ve just re-discovered (see next post) all the more fascinating.

  3. dirigible Says:

    Yeah, but what a first-rate third rate it was.
    The only way most of us ever got to see the Jaguar and The Fly and Mandrake the Magician and all the other superheroes that weren’t generally distributed in the UK, and all those science fiction and monster classics of the 50’s and 60’s by Kirby and Ditko and the others …
    I count myself lucky to have hung on to them from when you could pick them up for a penny at jumble sales and knick-knack shops.

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