May contain nuts

Jun 1, 2013

Sadly, everywhere I look everything seems to contain nuts.


My favourite chocolate biscuits.
The car that undertook me on the bypass because I didn’t get out of their (90mph) way quick enough.
The local bank where I was asked for identifying documents when I’ve been going there for 40 years. I’m the same. It’s the girls behind the counter that keep changing.
Any and every call centre where you are guaranteed a labyrinth of options, fifteen minutes of “music” and no solution to whatever it was you called them about.
Even bags of peanuts now state the obvious.
The BBC News department. I despair of the current batch of clueless presenters. With their dumbed-down/biased reporting I think I’m watching Blue Peter in error.
Wordpress. They seem determined to turn it into “Facebook”. I don’t want to “follow” or “like” anyone or anything.
The whole damned Internet as Big Business climbs all over it looking for new ways to part punters from their money.
All nuts the lot of them…………..

I suppose some will say this audio file contains nuts too. At least I tried my best. I’ll get my coat.